This is mostly based on the select bibliography in Women in Air Force Blue.
Inclusion does not imply any endorsement. Fiction are noted with an asterisk.
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42 pages of this book are devoted to the WAAF, plus many photographs inc the WAAF Band and the recipents of the MM in 1940.
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Reid, K One WAAF's War (Wilbek & Lewbar, 90 Victoria Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1EU; 2002). A donation is made to WAAFA for each sale of this book of poetry by Kathryn Reid, who was in Flying Control in Bomber & Fighter Commands.
Reynolds V & Others Service Women WRNS, WRAC, WRAF (Educ Explorers, 1977)
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Wyndham J *Love is Blue (Heinemann, 1986)
Unknown R.A.F. Parade (Sun Engraving Co. Ltd., no date but war-time)
Pamphlet that relates to the R.A.F.'s war time activities.  Sections on the various branches of the service including the W.A.A.F. pages 22-25 with excellent clear pictures.

The following have been suggested by Jean Wilson Hale of Dayton, Ohio, USA, many of which she has in her extensive collection: they are in order of title: same may be available via Amazon:

Page, E A Taste of Life (2004)
Lindo, D A WAAF at War: Wartime Jottings of a WAAF Driver 1941-1946: A former WAAF recalls her eventful wartime years (Woodfield Publishing, 1999)
Howard-Dobson, P A WAAF at the Wheel: The Wartime Diary of Barbara Mills (2010)
Upperton, W A WAAF Remembers: Service at Home, in Algiers, and Cairo (1990)
Dallas, B Bamby (2007)
WAAF West Sussex Group Bluebirds Fly Past
Drummond-Hay, P Driving Force, The: Memoirs of Wartime WAAF Drivers (1994)
Ashbee, F For the Duration: A Light Hearted WAAF Memoir (2012)
Bridson, AM From Needles-Sewing to Irons-Soldering (1989)
Baughan, J (The) Inimitable Joan, The War Years (1939 - 1943) *
Park, I Join the WAAF in 1941
Barnett, R Lambs in Blue: The Wartime Adventures of Three Girls from Tyneside That Joined the WAAF:
The adventures of three Tyneside lasses who joined the WAAF and were posted to Ceylon in WW2 (Woodfield Publishing, 1999)
  Memoirs of Some Huntingdonshire WAAFs (2004)
Goldman, C My Life
Elliott, M My Life as a WAAF
Luke, DG My Road to Bletchley Park: The Memoirs of WAAF LACW 2068978 Doreen Gertrude Spencer 1941-1946 (1999)
Harrington, J Nina and Vic: The correspondence between a RAF navigator and his WAAF fiancée tells a poignant WW2 love story (Woodfield Publishing)
Stewart, SF One WAAF in the RAF
Beech, J One WAAF's War (1989)
Younghusband, E One Woman's War (Candy Jar Books, 2011)
Stobbs, A One-Oh-Eight Miller (1989)
MacDonald, J Our Mornings May Never Be: Memoirs of a WAAF Sergeant … and Beyond (2002)
Jones, MB Pieces of Cake: The Diary of a Wartime WAAF 1940 – 1942 (2005)
Arnold, G Radar Days: Memoirs of a WW2 WAAF Radar Operator - A former WAAF RDF Operator recalls her experiences in WW2 (Woodfield Publishing, 2000)
Butler, P Searching in the Dark - An evocative diary composed while the author was a WAAF Radar Operator (1942-46): (Woodfield Publishing)
Bader, L Service in the WAAF: 431143 Sir! (Woodfield Publishing, 1988)
Small, AN Spit, Polish and Tears: Stories of WAAFs in World War II (1995)
Smith, E Why Did We Join - An entertaining account of the author's wartime years as a WAAF at RAF East Kirkby in Lincolnshire (Woodfield Publishing)

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